What Determines Kittens Coloration

What Determines Kittens Color. If your kitten has brown eyes, its iris produced a lot of melanin. The colors chocolate, cinnamon, blue and gray are dilutions of black.

How is eye color determined in cats? » CatPointers
How is eye color determined in cats? » CatPointers from www.catpointers.com

The eye color depends on the amount of melanin that the kittens’ melanocytes are producing. See the statement on dilutes for more information (see #21 & #24). Once the eye is sufficiently mature, these melanocytes begin producing melanin.

The Two Main Colors In Cats Are Black And Red.

If a cat is not tabby, then he is said to be ‘solid’ or ‘self’. For a female kitten to be cream or red, the male parent must be cream or red, and the female parent must have some form of cream or red in her coat. Hints for determining a cat’s color solid color.

In This Gene, Phaeomelanin Is Expressed.

Female kittens inherit one colour gene from both the sire and the dam. They are usually born with the exact coat colour or the diluted colour form of the dam. The calculator assumes that both parents are carriers.

Each Female Kitten Has One Color Gene Inherited From Its Mother.

Kittens are generally lighter in color than adults, whether they have a pattern or not. Eye color, like coat color, is determined by multiple genes and for many cats is not easily predicted. A white kitten may have a small spot of color on its head when it is born, as indicated by its appearance.

Male Kittens May Inherit The Colour Genes From The Dam.

For instance, when your cat has green eyes, that means there is not much pigment available in the iris. Male kittens always obtain both color genes from the dam. Black dilutes to blue, caramel, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, or fawn.

Male Kittens Will Always Inherit Their Colour From Their Mother, Whereas Female Kittens Will Be A Combination Of The Colours Of Each Parent.

The type and amount of pigment is what determines the final color of the iris. If your kitten has brown eyes, its iris produced a lot of melanin. Second, you have to determine if your cat color is tabby or ‘solid’/’self’.

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