What Coloration Eggs Do Easter Egger Hens Lay

What Color Eggs Do Easter Egger Hens Lay. As a result, nearly any cross of ameraucanas, araucanas and other chickens will be called an easter egger. The eggs can range from light blue to dark olive green, with some browns and pinks in between.

black star easter egger mix pullet The OliveEgger
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These chickens have poufs and beards. Easter egger chickens can add color and variety to your egg basket. To many people, brown eggs are exceptional.

Eggs Can Be Shades Of Blue, Green Or Pink.

They don’t have a specific breed standard, but rather are a broad category of poultry that have a mix of ameraucana and araucana genes. Easter eggers (also known as easter egg chickens) lay blue and green eggs—or, in some cases, any color other than brown. The pink is caused by an extra thick layer of bloom deposited on the shell.

So Far We Have Touched On The Three Simplest Colors Of Eggs.

(the amount of brown pigment she produces will vary according to her breed and the length of time she has been in her laying cycle.) this is the absolute basic of egg color. What color eggs do easter eggers lay? They start laying at a young age of 5 to 6 months.

Easter Eggers Are Hybrids And Are Known For Their Egg Colors, Which Can Range From Blue To Green, And Many Shades In Between.

Some hens do lay eggs with a pinkish tinge, but usually this is not consistent. What color eggs do easter egger chickens lay? Easter eggers are not a true breed, but a variety of chicken that does not conform to anyone’s breed standard that lays eggs that vary from blue to green to olive to aqua and sometimes even pinkish.

The Average Could Be Slightly Higher If They Have Ameraucanas In Their Blood.

An easter egger egg can vary in color. However, there are other variables. If you want a guaranteed a blue egg layer, you’ll need to purchase a chicken specially bred to lay blue eggs.

Easter Egger Egg Colors Range From Light Blue, Seafoam Green, Dark Green, And Pink.

While easter eggers do carry the blue egg gene, not every hen will lay colored eggs. These chickens have poufs and beards. This is fairly typical for a backyard chicken.

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